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Discover the Difference an Experienced CFO Can Make

Your business is growing, and it has become obvious that you can use the expertise of a seasoned, executive-level financial manager. But your company is still too small to require a full-time CFO, and you might not even need help every week. But you do need help. Even if you have the ability to handle the CFO functions yourself, the reality is you no longer have the time to do so.

Get Help When You Need It

Luckily, there is an easy solution: Bring in Don Welker, and get an experienced CFO who is there for you on a part-time or as-needed basis.
With Don Welker as your on-call CFO you’ll get:

Assistance Implementing a Proactive, Strategic Approach

Expert help creating a plan for meeting your business goals and objectives…including ensuring you have the necessary cash flow to bring these plans to fruition.


A Real-Time Understanding of Your Company’s Finances

No more waiting until after the month-end close to find out how things went. Instead, you’ll be able to pull up a financial dashboard that lets you see exactly where the numbers stand right now for the week, month and year.


The Ability to Successfully Complete Loan Packages

More than just a bunch of numbers, the two- to three-year projection is both a vital business plan and the most important element of your loan application package. Don’s extensive experience developing projections that meet lenders’ criteria, framed in a way that lenders easily understand, can be a significant advantage for you.


Confidence That You Have the Right Employees in Place

As your company has grown, you may have outgrown the skill sets of some of your key employees. Backed by the knowledge he gained during his 17+ years running Human Resources Departments for large operations, Don can help ensure that you are staffed for success.


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