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Don Welker's Financial Minute

Apr 18, 2018, 9:00 AM


Big companies often have big staffs and the ability to manage many things in-house. Small businesses and start-ups take advantage of the tremendous value that outsourced professionals bring. For a fraction of the cost of bringing a full-time employee on board you can have a highly experienced expert on your team.

Who should you be hiring? What I’ve seen is that most small- to medium-sized companies benefit from the services of the following:

• Business Transaction Attorney – Your business transaction attorney can help you form a corporate entity, and then ensure that this entity remains in compliance with board minutes, state filings, etc. on an on-going basis. Your attorney can also provide advice on day-to-day legal matters, such as contracts and regulatory compliance. When it comes to contracts, keep in mind that if their attorney wrote it, it’s written in their best interests…not yours.

• Tax Accountant – Look for an experienced CPA who is familiar with your industry. Your tax accountant will provide tax planning and services, and be available to help you with special projects as they arise.

• Insurance Broker – A good insurance broker will start by spending the time necessary to really understand your business and then create an appropriate risk mitigation plan for you. Your broker can obtain quotes from reputable carriers that understand your industry, and help you take advantage of the carrier’s safety programs and discounts for best practices.

• Banker – Unless you have so much capital that cash flow is not an issue, your banker can be your business’ lifeline to both fixed term and revolving working capital loans. A banker will also tailor your banking services to your company’s needs, such as by providing remote check deposit services, zero balance accounts, and more.

Like the other professionals on your outsourced team, a good banker will take the time to know your business and its CEO and Senior Management Team. This enables your banker to tailor your loan covenants in a way that will help your business grow.

• Part-Time CFO – Much more than “just” a “numbers person,” a CFO is a business person with many skills. Long before you have the need for a full-time CFO, you can bring in a part-timer (like me!) and start reaping the benefits of a CFO’s expertise.

Your part-time CFO can help you develop a strategic plan, review your finances to help you understand if you’re adding value to your company, identify and eliminate wasteful spending, and much more. This person can even help you assemble the rest of your outsourced team of seasoned pros!

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